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Discover RUMBLE, a body-interactive fighting game where physical movements control earth elements in VR. Challenging gameplay, beautiful graphics & wholesome PvP interactions. Worth playing, but patient matching needed.
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Earth-Powered Martial ArtsRUMBLE is a body-interactive fighting game where your physical movements control the surrounding earth elements. Actions like pulling up a rock or throwing it forward are performed through specific gestures. The game’s hub, known as The Gym, offers myriad learning opportunities to master the RUMBLE technique and strive to be the best. Understanding and combining different moves to attack or defend is the key to success. Test your skills in the RUMBLE Arena, where duels take place. Winning fights will help you ascend in rank, unlocking new moves to add to your repertoire. Alternatively, you can visit the Park for a more social experience. Here, up to six players can interact simultaneously, allowing for private sessions with friends or open games with other players. Training, mini-games, and tournaments are all available for you to enjoy in the Park.

Should I play RUMBLE in 2024?

The good

Rumble is a highly praised game with many reviewers raving about its unique gameplay, beautiful VR experience, and wholesome PvP interactions. Many reviewers mentioned that it’s a challenging game that requires effort to get rewards, but the sense of accomplishment and improvement felt by players is incredibly satisfying. The game’s world, characters, and abilities were also widely praised.

The bad

The main criticism of the game is the lack of players, making it difficult to find matches, especially for new players who want to learn and improve. Some reviewers mentioned that they had to wait for long periods of time to find a match or experienced matchmaking issues.


Despite its flaws, Rumble is still an incredible game that is worth playing. The unique combination of VR and Earthbending gameplay is a game-changer, and the wholesomeness of the PvP interactions is unmatched. However, the lack of players is a significant concern that might deter some players. If you’re looking for a challenging and rewarding gaming experience in a beautiful VR world, Rumble is an excellent choice. Just be prepared to spend some time searching for matches or being patient while waiting for opponents. For now, I’d recommend giving the game a try if you’re a fan of VR games or are looking for something new and exciting. But be aware that the player base is limited, and the game might not be as enjoyable as it could be due to the matchmaking issues.

So, should you buy/play Rumble in 2024? I’d say yes, but only if you’re willing to take on the challenge and adapt to the game’s limitations. With more players and a better matchmaking system, Rumble has the potential to become one of the best VR games out there. For now, it’s a hidden gem worth exploring.

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