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Experience fantasy swordplay in VR as legendary fighters, master martial arts, and duel online with low price, overcoming multiplayer issues.
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Broken Edge invites you into a VR realm of fantasy swordplay, pitting you against opponents in fierce one-on-one duels. This game allows you to slip into the shoes of legendary fighters such as a formidable Samurai, a gallant Knight, or a wild Rōnin, with more choices yet to come. Every fighter brandishes a unique weapon and boasts a distinct combat style and stance. The game challenges you to master their martial arts, harness the power of your blade, and vanquish your enemies online. With options like Knight, Samurai, Duelist, Rōnin, Pirate, Viking, Persian, Barbarian, and Tyrant, you can choose a fantasy tailored to your preferred fighting style. In Broken Edge, your sword responds to your every move, allowing you to skillfully block attacks, shatter your adversary’s weapon upon impact, and launch your own assaults. Train in the dojo, play solo, or join the global competition to ascend the online ranks.

Should I play Broken Edge in 2024?

The good

What can be said about Broken Edge? It’s a ridiculously fun and engaging VR swordfighting game that exceeds expectations. Reviewers agree that the game’s design is top-notch, making it easy to pick up and play, with super fun and unique classes to choose from. The game’s presentation, lack of motion sickness, and competitive multiplayer mode all contribute to its high level of replayability. And let’s not forget the price - incredibly under-priced for the amount of fun you’ll have!

The bad

The main complaint seems to be the multiplayer aspect, with some reviewers encountering latency and lag issues, making it difficult to engage in online battles. Additionally, the short single-player campaign, which can be beaten in under 30 minutes, might leave some players feeling a bit, well, edged out. Some criticize the tutorial structure, wishing for a more comprehensive resource for beginners.


So, should you still buy Broken Edge in 2024? Absolutely! While it’s true that the multiplayer situation might be a bit bleak, especially for players in Asia, the game’s pros far outweigh its cons. With a price point that’s ridiculously low, it’s an affordable way to have an amazing time in VR. The developer will likely address the multiplayer issues, and the single-player campaign, albeit short, provides a good starting point. For those who love swordfighting VR games, Broken Edge is a must-play. So, saddle up, and get ready to Broken Edge your way to VR gaming bliss!

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