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Immerse in intense VR battle royale action with Contractors Showdown. Explore a massive 16km² battlefield, engage in competitive multiplayer combat, and utilize real-time military tactics to survive. Fight alone or with friends, prepare for a thrilling experience with great gunplay and stunning visuals.
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Contractors Showdown is a riveting VR Battle Royale that throws you into adrenaline-fueled multiplayer combat. This VR shooter game requires players to engage in fierce skirmishes, outwit rivals, and collaborate with allies for victory.

Experience the grit of real-life warfare. Maneuver the battleground, target your enemies with utmost accuracy, and implement real-time military tactics to survive.

The game allows for a high degree of personalization with its customizable loadout system. Communicate with your team using spatial voice chat for strategic planning.

Choose from a wide array of weapons and explosives, requiring nothing but your bravery to face the unknown.

Embark on a massive 16km² battlefield, forming your squad of one, two, or three Contractors. Utilize the environment, including buildings, landmarks, hills, and more, to gain an upper hand over other contractors in a 60-player royale. Play solo, in pairs, or in a trio, and prepare to outclass your rivals in this high-stakes VR battle.

Should I play Contractors Showdown in 2024?

The Good

The game offers a solid VR battle royale experience with great gunplay and mobility mechanics. The game’s visuals and graphics are top-notch. The developers have included some innovative features such as the ability to purchase insurance and revive teammates. The game also has a great selection of customization options. The game has a good amount of players online, making it easy to find a match.

Many players enjoy the game’s fast-paced action and the sense of exploration and survival in the game. The game’s sound design and audio cues are also well-received by many players.

The Bad

One of the main complaints is the poor matchmaking and region selection. Some players experience extreme lag and desync issues due to the matchmaking issue. Another issue is the lack of solos and duos play, which is a major drawback for some players.

Some players also experience frustrating moments, such as not knowing where they are getting shot from and dealing with poor networking issues. The game has some bugs and glitches, including framerate issues and clipping problems.


Despite its flaws, Contractors Showdown is still a great game that offers an exciting and immersive VR battle royale experience. While it’s not perfect, the game has a lot of potential and could be improved with some patches and updates.

If you’re a VR enthusiast and enjoy battle royale games, you might want to consider giving Contractors Showdown a try. However, be prepared for some frustration with the matchmaking and networking issues. With more development and attention to these issues, Contractors Showdown could become one of the best VR battle royale games out there. But for now, it’s still worth checking out if you’re a fan of the genre.

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