Darkest Dungeon® II - Buyer's Guide

Embark on a perilous journey in Darkest Dungeon II, where you lead heroes in a desperate quest to prevent the apocalypse. With refined combat and stunning visuals, explore a ravaged world and defeat unspeakable horrors. Not perfect, but may appeal to RPG and grind-based game fans.
Fan-art of Darkest Dungeon® II

In Darkest Dungeon II, gamers embark on a perilous journey across a ravaged world, leading a party of heroes and a stagecoach in a desperate quest to prevent the apocalypse. The ultimate test of strength and resilience begins as the party faces down unspeakable horrors and their own inner demons. With refined turn-based combat, stunning 3D visuals, and an immersive audio experience, Darkest Dungeon II promises to be an unparalleled gaming adventure. As courage and strategy collide, players must navigate the treacherous landscape, manage their heroes’ relationships, and unlock their full potential. With each expedition comes the promise of discovery, growth, and ultimately, the looming threat of defeat. Will your party emerge victorious, or will the abyss of despair consume them whole? Only time will tell in this thrilling ride of discovery and survival.}

Should I play Darkest Dungeon® II in 2024?

The Good

Many reviewers praised the game’s storytelling, world-building, art, and music. They also liked the addition of new mechanics, such as relationships and abilities.

The Bad

Some reviewers were disappointed with the game’s design choices, such as the long-winded expeditions, unnecessary travel to the Valley, and poor UI. They also felt that the game was more focused on grinding and collecting candles rather than exploration. Additionally, some reviewers hated the new mini-games for unlocking skills and felt that they were frustrating and unexplained.


Overall, the game seems to be a mixed bag. While it has its strengths in storytelling and art direction, it has significant weaknesses in game design and mechanics. The grinding and RPG elements may appeal to some players, but others may find it boring or frustrating. If you’re a fan of the first Darkest Dungeon, you may be disappointed with the changes and new mechanics. However, if you enjoy RPGs and grind-based games, you may find Darkest Dungeon 2 to be an enjoyable experience. I would recommend this game with caution, as it’s not perfect, but it has the potential to be enjoyable for the right audience.

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Screenshot of Darkest Dungeon® II

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