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Embark on a sci-fi adventure in Caves of Qud, a roguelike game with engaging gameplay, depth, and unique worldbuilding. Should I play this game in 2024? It's recommended for its addictive gameplay and innovative design.
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Embark on a sci-fi adventure as you explore a world steeped in retrofuturism, where thousands of years of history await discovery. Your character’s every move is simulated, as you delve into a richly detailed setting, inhabited by sentient plants, factions, and creatures. With a choice of four play modes, from classic roguelike to RPG-style progression, you’ll navigate the mysteries of Qud’s ancient civilizations, melting walls and conquering habitats as you adapt to a world of physical simulation. Can you unlock the secrets of this dying earth or usher in a new beginning?

Should I play Caves of Qud in 2024?

The good

Almost unanimously, reviewers have praised Caves of Qud for its engaging gameplay, depth, and interesting worldbuilding. The game’s unique blend of exploration, combat, and character customization has captivated players, with many reporting hundreds of hours of playtime. The game’s user interface has also been praised for its innovative design and ease of use.

The bad

Some reviewers have noted that the game’s graphics are somewhat retro and may not appeal to all players. Additionally, the game’s learning curve can be steep, and some players may need to invest time in learning the game’s mechanics and systems.


In conclusion, based on the overwhelmingly positive reviews, I would recommend purchasing and playing Caves of Qud in 2024. While the game’s graphics may not be cutting-edge, its engaging gameplay, depth, and innovative design make it a standout title in the roguelike genre. As one reviewer noted, “it’s that addictive and interesting with the amount of freedom that allows for almost infinite possibilities.” So, if you’re looking for a game that will challenge you and keep you engaged for hours on end, Caves of Qud is definitely worth a try.

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