Crown Wars: The Black Prince - Buyer's Guide

Explore medieval warfare in Crown Wars: The Black Prince, a tactical RPG with real-time combat and a rich narrative. Should I play it in 2024? Consider the pros and cons, balancing potential and improvements needed.
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In the fictional world of Eridoria, ancient magic has torn the continent asunder, leaving rival kingdoms vying for dominance. Crown Wars: The Black Prince puts players in the midst of this tumultuous era, as they guide the cunning Prince Edric Blackwood in his pursuit of power and revenge. A strategic real-time combat system allows for intricate battle plans, while a rich narrative explores themes of loyalty, duty, and the corrupting influence of power in this fantasy RPG. Experience the grueling struggles of medieval warfare, as the fate of Eridoria hangs precariously in the balance.

Should I play Crown Wars: The Black Prince in 2024?

The good

The game has potential, with similarities to X-COM and other tactical games. The game allows for squad-based combat, with four warriors at the start, and the ability to unlock more squad slots later. The game also features permadeath for squad members, but they can survive a takedown and be healed. The skill tree and expertise system is also a great feature, allowing players to specialize in certain weapons and tactics. The game has a good graphic, and the kill scenes are gruesome and bloody.

The bad

The game has some poor design choices, including time limits in most missions. This can lead to frustrating gameplay, as players are forced to rush through missions without being able to play tactically. The game also has unbalanced difficulty levels, with “Easy” missions being more difficult than expected, and “Hard” missions being more predictable. The AI is also brutally smart, making it difficult for players to win easily. The positioning system is also lacking, with inconsistent Attacks of Opportunity (AOP) and poor pathing for enemy units.


Based on the reviews, I would caution against buying this game in its current state. The time limits in most missions are a major turn-off, and the unbalanced difficulty levels make it difficult to enjoy the game. However, fans of tactical games may still find some enjoyment in the game’s potential and features. If the developers address the issues with time limits and difficulty levels, the game could have potential. For now, it’s best to wait for updates or watch gameplay videos before deciding whether to play the game.

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