Automobilista 2 - Buyer's Guide

Experience immersive motorsports simulation with Automobilista 2's advanced technology, realistic graphics, and thrilling racing. Should you play it? Yes, if you're an enthusiast. Keep an eye on VR updates, though.
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Immerse yourself in Automobilista 2’s celebration of motorsports through its comprehensive simulation powered by genre-leading technology. Experience unparalleled variety of cars, tracks, and features not found elsewhere; from historic Grand Prix to modern GT racing. This advanced simulator stays fun and accessible while offering unique driving experiences with legendary machines like the Lotus e72E and Mclaren F1 GTR. Explore ever-changing conditions thanks to dynamic weather systems and real-time global meteorological data. Dive into motorsports history or create your own custom events, championships, and seasons within Automobilista 2’s expansive gameplay.

Should I play Automobilista 2 in 2024?

The Good

The overall sentiment among reviewers is extremely positive, with many praising the game’s realism, graphics, and overall racing experience. The game seems to have captured the spirit of racing, with players enthusiastic about the thrill of competition and the sense of accomplishment that comes with winning.

The Bad

Unfortunately, one reviewer had a frustrating experience with VR compatibility, citing bugs with cockpit views, inability to save or switch between views, and even reinstalling the game didn’t resolve the issue. Another reviewer seems to be stuck on older games, preferring DIRT 2.0 over Automobilista 2.


While Automobilista 2 seems to be a fantastic racing game in terms of gameplay and realism, the VR issues are concerning. However, this might not be a deal-breaker for players who don’t use VR or can work around the bugs. For those who are enthusiastic about racing games, it’s likely worth the investment, especially considering the overwhelmingly positive reviews. However, for those heavily reliant on VR features, it’s best to hold off until the bugs are ironed out. So, should you buy Automobilista 2 in 2024? If you’re a racing game enthusiast, yes – but keep an eye on future updates for VR patching.

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