CarX Drift Racing Online - Buyer's Guide

Experience immersive drifting in CarX Drift Racing with realistic physics and customization options. Improve driving skills and compete with friends. Be cautious of controversy and potential asset theft.
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CarX Drift Racing offers an immersive experience in driving simulation, boasting genuine physics that make every drive feel authentic. The game allows players to fine-tune their cars’ specifications, allowing for a detailed level of customization. From bustling cityscapes to specialized racing circuits, the game features diverse locations for races. A collection of vinyls is available for players to customize the appearance of their cars, allowing for a personal touch. The game further enhances its appeal with online rooms for open competition, and a graphics upgrade that offers a visually stunning experience.

Should I play CarX Drift Racing Online in 2024?

The good

The game has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from players who enjoy the game’s drifting mechanics and physics. Many reviewers praise the game for its fun and challenging gameplay, especially when playing with friends. The game’s customization options are also a plus, with many players enjoying the ability to customize their cars and tracks.

The bad

However, some reviewers have expressed disappointment and frustration with the game’s development team. Several reviewers have accused the game’s developers of stealing assets from other games or artists without permission. This has led to a significant number of negative reviews and a loss of trust in the game’s development team.


While CarX Drift Racing Online has its fans, the controversy surrounding the developers’ treatment of assets and the lack of communication with the community has taken a toll on the game’s reputation. Given the mixed bag of reviews, I would advise potential buyers to exercise caution and do their research before making a purchase. While the game has some redeeming qualities, the controversy surrounding its development team makes it a less appealing option. If the developers can address these issues and rebuild trust with the community, the game may be worth a try for fans of drifting games.

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