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Dive into the depths of WWII-era submarine simulation with UBOAT, offering immersive and realistic gameplay experience. Explore the game's depths and strategize to survive. Perfect for fans of submarine simulators and military history.
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UBOAT: A riveting WWII-era submarine simulation game with a unique survival sandbox experience. In this intense journey into the depths, players will manage their crew’s physical and mental health while navigating through perilous waters. The extensive damage system challenges your creativity and decision-making in dire situations. With resource management at its core, UBOAT tests player’s ability to optimize usage of onboard supplies, even resorting to looting enemy wreckages when necessary.Facing assignments from the Kriegsmarine headquarters adds an unpredictable element that rewards successful completion with budget increases and reputation points for upgrading your vessel. The game offers realistic simulation elements while maintaining a solid gameplay experience. From ballast management affecting ship trim to Earth’s curvature, UBOAT strives for authenticity without compromising on accessibility. Players can choose between delegating tasks or taking matters into their own hands - the choice of being either an efficient leader or a decisive commander lies in your hands.

Should I play UBOAT in 2024?

The good

The game has received widespread acclaim for its immersion and realism, with many reviewers praising its attention to detail and historical accuracy. The game’s atmospheric sound design and graphics have also been praised. The game’s depth and complexity have been praised by many, with reviewers noting that it is a wonderful simulator that captures the essence of being a submarine commander. The game’s community is also active, with many mods available to enhance gameplay and add new features.

The bad

Some reviewers have noted that the game can be daunting at first, with a steep learning curve and complex controls. A few reviewers have also noted some minor bugs and inaccuracies in the game’s AI and pathing. One reviewer noted a specific issue with enemy destroyers being able to track and detect the player too easily.


In my opinion, UBOAT is a phenomenal game that has clearly made a big impression on its players. The depth and complexity of the game are remarkable, and its realism and atmosphere are unparalleled. While some reviewers have noted a few minor issues, these are largely overshadowed by the game’s many strengths. If you’re a fan of submarine simulators or military history, you owe it to yourself to check out UBOAT. With its high level of realism, beautiful graphics, and immersive gameplay, UBOAT is a must-play. So, in 2024, do still buy or play this game? Absolutely – in fact, I would go so far as to call it a hidden gem.

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