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Total War: WARHAMMER III - Champions of Chaos DLC review: Add new Legendary Lords, but is it worth the price? A packed expansion with mixed results.
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The Champions of Chaos Lords Pack injects a fresh wave of malevolent fervor into Total War: WARHAMMER III with the introduction of four new, formidable Legendary Lords: Valkia the Bloody, Festus the Leechlord, Azazel Prince of Damnation, and Vilitch the Curseling. Each a devotee of the dark gods, these formidable champions bring their own brand of chaos to the Realm of Chaos and Immortal Empires campaigns. Valkia, the consort of Khorne, descends upon the battlefield armed with the Blood God’s power, while Festus, once a compassionate doctor, now brews plagues in the name of Nurgle. Azazel, a bewitching sorcerer, uses his enchanting beauty to tempt foes into submission, and Vilitch, a twin sorcerer, combines his magical prowess with his brother’s brutish strength to enslave his enemies. Players can elevate lowly mortal units to powerful Daemon Princes, all while navigating the evolving landscape of the Chaos realms. With over 50 new battlefield units, the Champions of Chaos are here to shake the foundations of the Warhammer world.

Should I play Total War: WARHAMMER III - Champions of Chaos in 2024?

The Good

The DLC adds four new Legendary Lords to the game, each with their own unique abilities and playstyles. The units themselves are excellent, with the Khorne Marauders and Chosen being particularly strong. The DLC also expands the Warband upgrade system, allowing players to devote normal Marauders to a different Chaos God and upgrade them through the ranks.

The Bad

The majority of the DLC is composed of reskins of existing units, with only one new unit, the Khorne Marauders, being added. The Legendary Lords themselves borrow mechanics from their demonic factions without adding anything unique. The DLC is overpriced, with some reviewers calling it “greedy” and “predatory”. The game’s roster is still incomplete without the pack, with some factions lacking essential units.


Based on the reviews, I would not recommend buying this DLC at its current price. The majority of the content is reskins of existing units, with little to no new mechanics or units being added. The Legendary Lords themselves are weak imitations of their demonic counterparts. While the Warband upgrade system is a nice addition, it’s not enough to justify the DLC’s high price. Wait for a significant discount or bundle it with other DLCs to make it more worth your money.

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