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Experience an anime-inspired VR action-adventure in Timeless Paradox VR. Unravel time fragments with unique combat and a captivating storyline. A must-try under $5!
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Timeless Paradox, a VR action-adventure game, presents a captivating single-player narrative, integrating classic elements of JRPGs such as compelling storylines, flamboyant characters, and enchanting magic into the immersive universe of virtual reality. As a player, you’re tasked with unraveling the mysteries of past time fragments, joining forces with Estel, humanity’s chosen defender, on a path of redemption. Your mission is to overcome adversaries and reinstate the normal progression of time. The narrative is intriguing, revolving around a champion who fails to vanquish the dragon, leaving the world in peril. You’re offered the opportunity to alter this history and defy fate alongside the champion. The game’s dialogue and setting are engaging, with a Time Palace that records and regulates time and Leilia, its custodian. Gameplay features include an adventurous exploration of the Timeless world, restoring time fragments, and challenging the inescapable destiny. The game boasts nine distinctive boss battles, each with unique mechanics, requiring players to discover individual strategies to exploit enemy vulnerabilities. A novel sword skill system emphasizes the importance of precise movements, offering players an exhilarating, intense experience. You can also execute powerful attacks on enemies in conjunction with your ally. The game presents a paradoxical choice: if every champion is destined for sacrifice, what will be your decision? Timeless Paradox promises an engaging VR journey.

Should I play Timeless Paradox VR in 2024?

The Good

Reviewers praise the game’s original storyline, anime-inspired art style, and engaging combat mechanics. They also appreciate the game’s short length, as it allows for a fun and focused experience. Many reviewers enjoy the game’s visual novel-style storytelling and find the characters endearing. The game’s creative use of VR mechanics, such as sword swinging and motion controls, is also commended.

The Bad

Some reviewers find the game’s controls and motion mechanics clunky, particularly on certain VR devices. The game’s graphics and character models are sometimes criticized for being rough or lacking detail. Other minor issues include difficulties with NPC animations and the sometimes frustrating combat.


As a Game Review journalist, I would recommend Timeless Paradox VR to fans of visual novels and anime-inspired games. While it has some minor flaws, the game’s unique storyline, engaging combat, and immersive experience make it an enjoyable experience. However, if you’re looking for a game with perfect graphics or refined mechanics, you may want to look elsewhere. With a price point of under $5, Timeless Paradox VR is a great value for fans of the genre. So, if you’re looking for a fun and lighthearted VR experience, grab your VR headset and give it a try!

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