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Experience the Wild West in a VR zombie shooter. Join forces with friends in multiplayer and explore the rugged landscapes of late 19th century Montana. Worth playing for die-hard fans, but hold off for others. MAX 155-160 characters
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Step into the immersive world of Private Property, a thrilling VR zombie shooter set in the rugged landscapes of late 19th century Montana. This game offers a multitude of heart-pounding hours as you ward off relentless zombies intent on wreaking havoc. Your arsenal? A diverse range of firearms to blow the undead to smithereens, including a handy grenade launcher. There’s even a hidden Gatling gun somewhere on the map for the taking. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is your typical fright-night zombie game, though. The vibe is surprisingly light-hearted, and the zombies pose no immediate threat - unless they start tossing dynamite your way. The real challenge lies in the escalating onslaught of zombies that sprint towards your buildings, hurling objects and spawning larger, tougher creatures. It’s a thrilling test of your defensive skills. But fear not, you’re not alone in this battle. Join forces with players worldwide in an online multiplayer mode, strategizing and coordinating your efforts to keep the zombie horde at bay.

Should I play Private Property in 2024?

The good

Private Property seems to be a fun game overall, with a unique blend of Wild West and zombie-killing action. Players enjoy the variety of guns, the Wild West setting, and the option to play with friends. The game is also available on several VR headsets, including the Pico 4, with reportedly great controls.

The bad

The game has very little content at its release, with only four maps and no ability to purchase non-cosmetic items. The prices for cosmetic items are also extremely high, making it difficult to feel like the game offers any value. Some players also mention issues with teleporting between platforms and the lack of support for Oculus controllers.


So, should you buy Private Property in 2024? While the game shows promise, it’s clear that it’s still in its early stages. The lack of content and high prices for cosmetic items make it feel a bit empty. However, if you’re a fan of the Wild West and zombie-killing, you might find this game entertaining.

That being said, I’d recommend waiting for a few more updates and a significant amount of new content before diving in. The game’s developers seem committed to adding more features, including upgrades and new maps, so it’s possible that Private Property could become a more substantial experience in the future. For now, I’d advise casual gamers to hold off and check back in a few months to see how the game has progressed.

For die-hard fans of the genre, it might still be worth playing in its current state, especially if you’re looking for a fun and unique co-op experience. Just be prepared for some frustration with the teleporting mechanics and the expensive cosmetic items.

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