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Ostriv offers a detailed and immersive city-building experience with historic authenticity and settlement management. A must-play for fans of the genre.
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Ostriv seeks to elevate the city-building genre by introducing a wealth of possibilities and eliminating frustrating limitations. Players can design truly organic town layouts, free from grid and angle constraints, on a three-dimensional landscape. The game aspires to create vibrant, believable communities where real-life issues emerge, making the late game an engaging challenge rather than a monotonous task. Currently in development, Ostriv invites players to support its progress and offer detailed feedback and bug reports. The development is methodical, so updates may be infrequent.

Should I play Ostriv in 2024?

The good

Ostriv offers an incredibly detailed and immersive city-building experience, where the attention to historic authenticity and settlement management shines through. Many players appreciate the game’s realistic construction animations, self-developing roads, and realistic processing chains of basic goods. The game is often compared favorably to other city-building games like Banished and Manor Lords, with several reviewers noting its superior farming and logistic systems. The developer’s dedication, even amidst challenging personal circumstances, has won him significant admiration and support from the community. Updates have been steady, and the game already provides a rich, engaging experience despite being in early access.

The bad

While the game has received mostly positive feedback, a few players have noted some drawbacks. The graphics are described as somewhat simple and sterile by some, and certain game mechanics, like the trade system and tutorial, have been criticized for being unintuitive or incomplete. Additionally, the slow pace of building construction and lack of parallel construction can make the game feel tedious at times. Some specific elements, like the green-brown tint of rivers and the abrupt introduction of two-story buildings, have also been mentioned as areas needing improvement.


Should you still buy or play this game in 2024? Absolutely, yes! Ostriv is a labor of love that stands out in the city-building genre for its meticulous attention to historical detail and immersive gameplay. Despite a few rough edges typical of an early access game, it’s clear that the developer is committed to refining and expanding this already impressive experience. If you enjoy city builders with a focus on authenticity and depth, Ostriv is a must-have in your collection. So, go ahead and support this dedicated developer—you won’t regret it!

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