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Experience Mechabellum, a tactical wargame where strategy and adaptability reign. Command armies, deploy forces, and harness firepower to claim victory. Highly recommended for fans of autobattlers and strategy games!
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Mechabellum is a towering tactical wargame where foresight and adaptability pay off in battles against human or AI foes. Command mechanized armies on the battlefield, customizing units and abilities to unleash devastating attacks. Master a diverse arsenal of unique war machines, from agile aerial units to behemoths wielding flames and lasers. Strategically deploy your forces, anticipating opponents’ moves to turn the tide of battle. Harness intense firepower, from surgically placed airstrikes to swarms of robotic pests, to outmaneuver foes and claim victory.

Should I play Mechabellum in 2024?

The good

The game’s autobattler mechanics are praised by many reviewers, who enjoy combining their mechs and watching them fight. The game has a great graphical detail, and the ability to spectate and wager on matches is a unique feature. The game has a strong focus on strategy, with a steep learning curve that rewards creative thinking. The game is also praised for its constant updates and patches, which show that the developers are committed to the game’s success.

The bad

Some reviewers have questioned the addition of “free units” in recent updates, which they felt added an unfair element of randomness to the game. However, the developers have clarified that the new system is intended to add depth to the game and make it more challenging, rather than introducing an element of chance.


Based on the overwhelmingly positive reviews, I would highly recommend Mechabellum to fans of autobattlers and strategy games. While there have been some concerns about the addition of new features, the game’s developer has shown a commitment to community engagement and continuous improvement. The game’s unique blend of mechs and strategy makes it a standout in its genre, and its relatively low price point makes it a great value for gamers looking for a fun and challenging experience.

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