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Experience the thrill of NFL football with Madden NFL 24, now with cross-platform play. Decent gameplay, but some improvements needed. 156 characters
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Experience the thrill of NFL football like never before with Madden NFL 24, now featuring cross-platform play! Engage in fast-paced action across multiple devices and take advantage of optional in-game purchases that offer virtual currency for acquiring a wide range of exclusive items. Be prepared to strategize your plays on the field as you compete against friends or AI opponents, making use of unique digital assets tailored to elevate your gameplay experience.

Should I play Madden NFL 24 in 2024?

The good

While some reviewers did mention improvements to the game’s mechanics, such as the pass control, most reviewers were extremely dissatisfied with the game. However, a few reviewers did mention that they had fun playing the game, citing its accessibility and ease of use. Some reviewers also appreciated the addition of certain features, such as the ability to create a Hispanic or Caucasian player.

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