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Experience the nostalgic thrill of classic arcade shooters in HeadCount, a vibrant VR game with intuitive gameplay, colorful environments, and over-the-top abilities. Ready for a fun, but potentially buggy, gaming experience?
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HeadCount is a vibrant, action-filled virtual reality shooter that takes inspiration from the golden age of arcade games. It presents an irresistible mix of classic arcade shooting mechanics and user-friendly gameplay, ensuring that players of all skill levels can immerse themselves in the action. The game boasts a continually expanding selection of weaponry, as well as a plethora of over-the-top abilities and power-ups to help you triumph over the hordes of enemies. Battle across a range of colourful, stylized environments and string together combos to unlock powerful special moves. As you progress through the levels, you’ll accumulate in-game currency, allowing you to purchase even more potent weapons to further your campaign of destruction.

Should I play HeadCount in 2024?

The good

Players love the game’s arcade-style shooting, movement, and shooting mechanics. They praise the game’s concept of being an on-rails shooter with a twist, allowing players to move around to dodge bullets. Many reviewers enjoy the game’s art style and found the gameplay to be fun and engaging. Several reviewers appreciated the game’s value for its price, especially considering its release date.

The bad

Some players experienced game-breaking issues, such as infinite loops that made it impossible to progress through levels. Others noticed incomplete or unfinished levels, lacking content to justify the current price. Unfortunately, a few players encountered glitches, especially on certain hardware configurations. One reviewer was frustrated with the lack of variety in levels and the short length of the game.


In my opinion, “HeadCount” is a fun game that lives up to its promise. While it may not be a full-fledged game, it delivers enjoyable shooting and movement mechanics for an affordable price. However, concerns about game-breaking bugs, incomplete levels, and lack of content might deter some from purchasing it. If you’re looking for a quick, fun shooter, “HeadCount” might be worth the price for you. But be prepared for a relatively short experience and a few technical issues along the way.

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