Green Again - Buyer's Guide

Explore 'Green Again,' a city-building game set in a sci-fi world with tiny plant people. Overcome environmental hazards and restore the planet's lush glory.
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Immerse yourself in ‘Green Again,’ a serene yet engaging city-building game set in a vibrant sci-fi universe populated by the charming Sproutlings—tiny plant people with big challenges. After a catastrophic terraforming mishap left their world desolate and overrun by rogue robots, it’s up to you to guide a courageous tribe in restoring the planet’s verdant glory. Clear terrain, battle environmental hazards, and fend off mechanized threats as you construct thriving settlements. Unlock better crops, adapt to dynamic weather, and embellish your colony to boost morale. Venture through procedurally generated maps shrouded in fog, uncovering hidden treasures and resources to expand your domain. Transform barren lands into lush landscapes by removing industrial debris and healing the environment. Keep the Sproutlings content and nourished by strategically managing resources, farms, and buildings while advancing through research and technological upgrades. Embark on this eco-restoration adventure and rejuvenate a wounded world, with unlimited creativity in the game’s expansive creative mode.

Should I play Green Again in 2024?

The good

Without user reviews, it’s challenging to point out specific positives about Green Again. However, its release can be seen as an opportunity for gamers to pioneer their own opinions and potentially discover hidden gems within its gameplay, mechanics, story, or visuals.

The bad

The lack of reviews means there isn’t much information available about potential issues or drawbacks. New players will be going in blind, which might be a risk for those who prefer informed decisions.


Should you buy or play Green Again in 2024? It’s a leap of faith! Consider being one of the first to explore and review this game—your feedback could help shape its future and guide other players. If you’re adventurous and don’t mind the risk of the unknown, it might be worth giving it a shot! Otherwise, you might want to wait until more reviews surface.

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