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Immerse yourself in a mind-bending puzzle adventure with stunning graphics and engaging gameplay. Uncover hidden secrets and defeat fearsome guardians in intense battles. Read reviews to decide if COCOON is the right game for you.
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Embark on a universe-spanning quest as worlds within worlds unfold. Master the art of dimensional jumping to unravel a cosmic enigma, navigating labyrinthine puzzles that require the strategic deployment of interdimensional platforms. Explore alien landscapes, interact with mysterious biomechanical devices, and harness the unique abilities of each world-encapsulating orb to unlock hidden secrets and defeat fearsome guardians in intense battles.

Should I play COCOON in 2024?

The Good

The general consensus among reviewers is that COCOON is a great puzzle game with stunning graphics, beautiful sound design, and a unique, recursive puzzle mechanic. Many reviewers praised the game’s immersive world, engaging gameplay, and mind-blowing puzzles. Several reviewers mentioned that the game is “mind-bending” and “cool,” and that it has a lot of replay value.

The Bad

Some reviewers were critical of the game’s lack of challenge, feeling that the puzzles were too easy and not particularly challenging. A few reviewers mentioned that the game’s linearity and lack of exploration options made it feel too straightforward and formulaic. Some reviewers also felt that the boss battles were frustrating and poorly designed, lacking in checkpoints and requiring precise timing.


Despite some criticisms, the majority of reviewers were impressed with COCOON and praised its unique puzzle mechanic, beautiful visuals, and engaging gameplay. While some reviewers felt that the game was too easy or too linear, most reviewers agreed that the game was well-designed, enjoyable, and worthy of recommendation. In the end, I would recommend COCOON to puzzle game enthusiasts and fans of mind-bending puzzle games. With a short playtime and engaging gameplay, COCOON is definitely worth a try. However, be aware that some reviewers felt that the game’s lack of challenge and linearity might make it less appealing to experienced puzzle game players.

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