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Experience the thrill of building a criminal empire during Prohibition-era America, but beware of limited gameplay and tedious management.
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The game plunges players into the thrilling world of Prohibition-era crime as they rise from obscurity to become a powerful criminal mastermind in the bustling underground economy. Beginning as an aspiring tycoon, gamers must establish and expand their network through bootlegging operations, speakeasies, black market dealings, and intrigue while navigating complex social dynamics and law enforcement challenges. As resources are managed and territories claimed, players will witness the growth of a vast criminal empire amidst a ticking clock to reach ultimate power before Prohibition ends.

Should I play City of Gangsters in 2024?

The good

The game has potential and is considered a decent tycoon game. The reviewer mentions that the 3D aspect was unnecessary, but it’s not entirely a bad thing. The city might feel hollow at times, but it’s not a major issue.

The bad

The game has some significant drawbacks that hinder its replayability. The reviewer lists some of the problems, including:

  • Limited crew sizes, making it tedious to manage the game
  • Expanding fronts can be a slow and tedious process
  • Discovering new businesses willing to purchase products can be a bottleneck


Overall, this game is not a bad tycoon game, but it has some significant flaws that hold it back from being great. The review sentiment is mostly positive, but the negative comments are quite significant. It’s worth considering purchasing only during a steep steam sale. If you’re a fan of tycoon games and are willing to overlook some of the game’s flaws, you might still enjoy it. For everyone else, there are better options out there.

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