Boundless - Deluxe Edition Upgrade - Buyer's Guide

Upgrade your Boundless experience with the Deluxe Edition, offering exciting in-game perks and seamless gameplay. Dive into an evolving universe!
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Boundless Digital Deluxe Upgrade offers players unique enhancements: an exclusive in-game title, a 10% lifetime boost to their beacon plot balance, a complete 200-track soundtrack, 500 Cubits, 30 days of Gleam Club membership, and a unique weapon recipe - The Golden Fist.

Boundless is a subscription-free, voxel-based MMO filled with interconnected planets where player actions drive an evolving universe. Start with a campfire and choose to live nomadically or build a city-state. Each world, packed with unique resources and creatures, is open for exploration, crafting, and trading. Seamlessly travel between planets, design intricate structures, protect your claims with Beacons, and master crafting using advanced machines. Join the Great Transmigration, build portals, establish trade networks, and cultivate alien crops. Opt for solo play or collaborate globally, customizing characters via a skill tree and earning rewards through objectives. With no monthly fees, Boundless promises endless adventure and player-driven economies. The game supports further engagement through Gleam Club membership for additional perks and beacon maintenance.

Should I play Boundless - Deluxe Edition Upgrade in 2024?

The good

Many players are thrilled with the Boundless - Deluxe Edition Upgrade, noting that the process of updating and receiving additional content, such as extra plots, cubits, and Gleam Club membership, worked seamlessly for them. They appreciate the 10% more plots and the other in-game perks that come with the deluxe edition. Fans of the game highlight that the DLC is unique and offers great value for money. Additionally, the ongoing improvements and new features to the game keep returning players engaged and pleased with the overall experience.

The bad

Some users have encountered issues with not receiving the deluxe edition items, indicating potential inconsistencies in the distribution of the DLC content. A few players have expressed confusion about how to access or activate specific features like the Gleam Club membership and other deluxe perks. There are also isolated reports of the Original Soundtrack not being available despite being part of the upgrade.


Should you still buy or play this game in 2024? Absolutely! Boundless - Deluxe Edition Upgrade offers excellent value and enhances the overall gaming experience with its unique perks and additional content. While there are a few issues with the distribution of deluxe items, these problems seem to be isolated incidents. The majority of players are highly satisfied with the upgrade and its seamless integration. If you enjoyed Boundless or are looking to jump back in, this DLC is a worthy addition to your collection. Dive in, claim those extra plots, and explore the ever-evolving universe of Boundless!

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