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Embark on an interstellar adventure with Asteroid Colony, a real-time strategy city builder. Make the gamble and be among the first to explore its potential!
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Asteroid Colony, a real-time strategy city builder and economy simulation game, invites players to aid humanity in its quest to leave Earth and colonize the asteroid belt beyond Mars. You’ll establish and expand your first settlement, managing the needs of hundreds of inhabitants by building a resilient economy that can endure the perilous conditions of space. Facing threats like meteors, you must develop technologies to protect your colony, track space debris with telescopes, and launch rockets to deflect potential collisions. Extract essential resources, especially water from icy comets, to sustain your colony. Happy residents will unlock advanced technologies and new buildings, but their demands will also increase. Expand to additional asteroids to access valuable resources and meet growing energy needs. The ultimate mission in Asteroid Colony is to build a colossal spacecraft capable of reaching Alpha Centauri, thus securing humanity’s future beyond our solar system.

Should I play Asteroid Colony in 2024?

The good

Since there are no user reviews yet for “Asteroid Colony,” we can’t highlight specific things that people like about the game. This also means that there is a world of potential for you to discover on your own without any preconceived notions.

The bad

Without any user reviews, we also don’t have any community feedback highlighting potential issues, bugs, or flaws that could detract from your experience.


Should you still buy or play this game in 2024? Based on the absence of reviews, it’s a gamble. You might be one of the pioneering explorers who can unearth hidden gems or, alternatively, encounter some space debris. If you’re feeling adventurous and enjoy being one of the first to chart new territories in gaming, “Asteroid Colony” might just be the perfect frontier for you. Buckle up and prepare for the unknown!

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