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Experience AGAINST, a rhythm-based game set in 1930s America, with intense music and comic book-style visuals. Navigate crime-infested alleyways, defeating enemies in rhythm. But be warned, lack of developer support makes it a poor choice.
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‘AGAINST’ is a captivating rhythm-based escapade set in the crime-infested alleyways of a fantastical underbelly. As you dodge obstacles and scale walls, your objective is to eliminate your adversaries, with the intense music escalating the tension. The game hinges on your cognitive prowess and muscle memory to triumph over evil and unearth the truth. The game’s singular charm lies in its fusion of intense music, rhythmic combat, and a raw comic aesthetic. In this detective narrative, your weapons include a sword and a gun, and you must utilize them in rhythm for maximum impact. Brass knuckles and a Tommy Gun add to your arsenal. The game’s visuals are a tribute to the dark and somber comic book style, and the story is set in 1930s America, revealing the horrifying ambitions of Dr. Vice through comic book cutscenes filled with muted colors and eerie shadows. As you delve deeper into the investigation, you’ll face off against nefarious villains and formidable bosses, all in rhythm with the music. The narrative is spread across seven diverse levels, each set in a unique location and available in three difficulties. The game also features a Beatmap Editor, a free tool that lets you create custom levels with your own music, enabling you to place enemies, weapons, and obstacles in perfect sync with your chosen soundtrack.

Should I play AGAINST in 2024?

The Good

The game had some potential and could have been fun, with some users expressing an interest in playing it. The game itself is not entirely bad, as some users were able to enjoy it despite its flaws.

The Bad

The major downfall of this game is the utter lack of support from the developers. The Discord server link directs to a different game’s server, with no dedicated channel for AGAINST. This means that users have no one to turn to for help or answers to their questions, making it seem like the game has been abandoned.


Given the lack of support and the developers’ seeming disinterest in the game, I must advise against buying or playing AGAINST in its current state. The user’s experience is severely hampered by the absence of support, making it difficult to fully enjoy the game. Unless the developers take steps to address these issues, it’s best to look elsewhere for a gaming experience.

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In-game Screenshot

Screenshot of AGAINST

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